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Your seeds bear fruit

By Charities Lead Isaac Maregele

Towards the end of August the IIWC distributed an amount of funds to each of its designated charities. These funds were generously raised by the corporate and individual members and sponsors of the insurance industry in the Western Cape.

The distribution was made as follows:

1. R40 000.00 went to Food Forward SA ( ) ;

2. R20 000.00 went to Percy Bartley House ( );

3. R35 000.00 went to Mdzananda Animal Clinic ( ) ; and

4. R35 000.00 went to Oscars Ark ( ).

Make no mistake, your monetary contribution, like seeds, bear fruit within these organizations. We particularly note the feedback from Food Forward and Percy Bartley House:

Your contribution of R40 000 to Food Forward will enable the organization to distribute 47 059 meals to vulnerable and needy beneficiaries in the Western Cape. In this grave economic climate, these meals will save lives.

Your contribution of R20 000 to Percy Bartley House has assisted in the emergency replacement of girls from Holy Cross Child & Youth Care Centre. These girls were transferred to Percy Bartley House in July because of a fire that severely damaged the Care Centre and destroyed their belongings. Through your donation Percy Bartley House has been able to meet the girls’ toiletry and sanitary needs and the increased costs of utilities and water during the wet and chilly winter months.”

Each of these charities convey their heartfelt thanks to the members and sponsors of the IIWC (keep your eye on our social media pages for more shout outs!)

Let us keep the momentum of giving together as we head into the last stretch of 2020!

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