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Applications for 2022 are currently CLOSED. 

RISE (Redefining Individual Skills and Education) is a comprehensive mentorship programme, brought to you by the IIWC, for young professionals in the Western Cape insurance industry.

The programme pairs an experienced industry mentor with a young mentee to provide a unique career-boosting, hands-on learning experience. Imagine being able to learn from someone who is 5, 10, 15yrs ahead of you in your career who is interested and passionate about helping you get ahead - this is the power of the RISE programme.


The 2022 programme can support 15 mentees paired up individually with a mentor.


How do you benefit as a mentee? 

- Direct learning from someone who started where you currently are and have build a successful career.

- Increased exposure to the industry as well as networking opportunities.

- Career advice.

- Developing the softer skills not taught at University like meeting etiquette and people skills.

- Career growth opportunities.

Why should I volunteer to be a mentor?

- Opportunity to give back to the industry and play an active role in shaping future industry leaders.

- Learn leadership and training skills.


- Networking and exposure to other mentors.


- Learn from your mentee who may have a new way of seeing things. 

How much time does the programme take?

- 1/2 day kick-off training and briefing session.

- Mentor pairing event.

- At least 1Hr/month to engage with your mentor.

- Review sessions and Graduation ceremony.

It is important that applicants note the below process, instructions and timing:

•    Please complete all sections accurately and honestly.
•    Please ensure that every question and every section is answered clearly.
•    Please ensure that all requires electronic documents are submitted by no later than the 14/01/2022.
•    As there are multiple phases for the application, we highly recommend submitting sooner than later.
Additional documents to be emailed to IIWC office with Name and Surname in subject line of the email: 

•    Detailed CV
•    Nomination and motivation from Line manager and/or Nominator
•    Certified copy of ID
Email: info@iiwc.co.za
Closing Date: 14 January 2022. Please ensure completed applications and supporting documents reach the above email address by the closing date.