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We've partnered with educational leaders in the industry to help you achieve your 18 verifiable CPD points (or 35 if you a CFP charter holder).

Please click on the links below to visit our partners. You can find out more about the CPD requirements by clicking through to Moonstone Compliance HERE.


We’ve firmed up our association with the Graduate Institute of Financial Sciences (GIFS) to recognise that team as one of our preferred training providers for two critical aspects that have bearing on your career progression.


Let’s talk firstly about GIFS’ online RE5 training. We are aware of the challenges experienced by industry professionals with passing the RE5 exam. The time in which you need to complete the training and then take a challenging exam often lead to a high failure rate. The IIWC is mindful that your time is valuable, which is why we’ve gone with GIFS as an industry-leading education provider for those of us in financial services and insurance.


GIFS’ RE5 Online Workshop includes:

  • Up to date study material

And the team takes it even further. The material is delivered in eight topics that cover the FAIS Act for easing downloading and printing.

  • Support videos

There are four support videos where an industry expert will guide you through the content of the study guides.

  • Trial run for the main exam

There are five mock exams that you will have access to in order to prepare.

  • E-Learning

You’ll also have a year’s access to the online learning platform!


GIFS is fully accredited and capacitated for Level 4 and 5 accredited programmes with various comprehensive offerings designed to suit your lifestyle, from Retail Insurance (Level 4) to Insurance Agent (Level 5).

GIFS is a massive industry player, so if you’re looking for a provider to handle your learnership and bursary programmes for next year, GIFS is an excellent choice as your preferred training provider, and they are a Level 1 BB-BEE company. GIFS is also able to assist with the claiming of tax rebates on learnership programmes in a format that’s most suited to you (traditional, online and blended learning).


And GIFS ensures its programmes are future-proof so you can ensure success wherever you choose to practice. One of their industry-leading platforms is their SMART Learning Suite, which is used for gamification. If you’re seeking to encourage teamwork, gamification is especially suited to you as it’s modelled on engagement being the name of the game. There’s creative engagement with learning material with game-playing elements including scoring points, competition and rules.”

COver Magazine.JPG

COVER is a one-stop media facility for all stakeholders in financial services environment.

COVER is the original intermediary publication in the South African and African insurance market having started in 1988. Of our 33 000 readers approximately 2 000 is situated on the African continent, outside of South Africa, the biggest focused reach of any publication in our industry.

COVER provides our readers with quality editorial content produced by industry experts to allow them to stay at the forefront of developments in the financial services industry, gain technical knowledge and to be exposed to brands operating in their space.

COVER provides all stakeholders in the financial services industry the opportunity to showcase their corporate profile, products and services and promote their brand in a high-quality, widely respected publication.
We assist with the planning and development of media campaigns and roadshows to launch products and promote company events across all media platforms from print, online and newsletters to social media.

Learn On.JPG

Firstly, all COVER readers can now earn free CPD points through Earning CPD is as easy as A-B-CPD. Readers that have signed up to our newsletter will be notified each month, once the digital magazine is live, whereafter they can login at any time to do the quiz, at no cost. The September edition was the very first edition to have the CPD questionnaire, so be sure to create an account on and get your CPD going!

Secondly, COVER and LearnOn have, and will continue to, work with professional bodies such as The IISA and The FPI to create innovative learning material, thereby assisting you with your professional development.

Through LearnOn, COVER has access to more than 15 years experience in the field of corporate training and specifically in the field on online learning in the financial services industry. LearnOn creates tailor-made interactive online courses, videos and animations. Contact them for more information on their corporate packages.

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