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The insurance institute of the Western Cape (IIWC) was established in 1898. It is the oldest insurance institute in South Africa and possibly Africa. Formally known as the Insurance Institute of the Cape of Good Hope it has an unbelievably rich history within our community.


It was initially established by dynamic professionals within the Western Cape short term community, who were passionate about our industry and wanted to create a platform for like -minded peers to connect, share and grow.


Over the years the IIWC has evolved holistically into 3 Core pillars of offering;


Looking back,  the insurance industry was able to navigate the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic and continue to provide support to customers and businesses. The industry has played a crucial role in helping to sustain the economy during this time, and our members should be recognized as heroes for their hard work and dedication in ensuring that customers and their businesses are protected.


IIWC 2022 Achievements:

  • The brand and media team grew the organization's online presence, implemented online payments for events, and distributed information to members.

  • The membership stream has continued to grow year on year with a lot of younger members joining and seeing the value we promise to deliver.

  • The education team held 8 webinars and 3 in-person sessions, providing 25 total CPD points.

  • The events team held their most attended AGM, participated in a beach clean-up, organized fitness, and golf events, and held their largest gala dinner.

  • The under 35s team had more in-person events and grew their membership and CPD points.

  • The RISE mentorship program was incredibly successful and will continue to support mentees in their careers.

  • The charities team supported organizations fighting against poverty and gender-based violence, pledging over 70,000 meals with Food forward and raising in excess of R 180,000 in charitable donations.


The organization is grateful for the support of its members, sponsors, and council in maintaining to its core values...Engaging, Enabling and Empowering!

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"Networking is not about just connecting people. It's about connecting people with people, people with ideas, and people with opportunities." - Michele Jennae

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