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The IIWC November Newsletter, the last one for 2020 (tadda-aaaa!)

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Nico Venter - Brand & Media Team

With this being the last newsletter of the year, we thought we might end with a bit of “getting to know your council” flair and share with our members and readers, in short, how your council members experienced 2020 on a personal level, touching on ideas such as what was learnt, what was gained and where was the (unexpected) ray of light coming from in a year that did carry some real pain and hardship for some and plenty of real challenges to most.

It is our hope that what is shared here might serve to encourage, perhaps even inspire, even if in the smallest of ways 😊

So, in an effort to keep it as short and as impactful as it is sweet, we selected just a few of the responses for your reading pleasure, enjoy!

What did you learn about yourself these last 6 months / year?

Just how truly blessed I am in many areas of my life.

That I am not as much as an introvert as I thought. I came to appreciate the value (and joy) of being in company with others – even my colleagues!

I am way more resilient than what I give myself credit for and I am able to achieve so much more when my mindset shifts and I focus.....I have also learnt that I would not be a good primary school teacher

That I am not cut out to homeschool my kids.

What did you learn about people and their ways these last 6 months / year?

We are tough, we can do it!!! Some can work from home and unfortunately, some cannot.

Where there’s a will there’s a way.

Listen to understand... not to respond.

How the right relationships whether near or far are vital in carrying us through such a time as this.

What was your (business) highlight this year?

Employer support, from a business and personal perspective. This continues to play a critical role in how we have managed to continuously provide uninterrupted and great service to clients.

Achieving budget despite very difficult times.

Exceptional growth can still be achieved in tough economic climate.

I was extremely proud of our company’s reaction to Covid and how it handled clients and staff.

While so many people were losing their jobs due to the virus, me included, on the first day of lock down I might add; I was blessed with and amazing opportunity to join a great company that I have been trying to be part of for so many years. Who through it would happen in the toughest year we would all face?! What can I say, I am blessed.

If you had it over, what would you have done better/ differently?

More patient.

Can I have a complete redo of 2020 please?

Not much, I definitely learnt some good lessons. I had time to reflect and have “sown” some seeds which I will be glad to see come to fruition in 2021.

If you could encourage anyone right now, what would that entail?

The biggest opportunities are always presented in the most uncertain times. Take this time to adapt your skills to the online world – internet marketing, remote working, video calls, etc. there are so many opportunities now!

Take the positives out of these difficult time

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

I would remind them that they are stronger than they think. Periodically, they should make a meaningful effort to tally up their achievements and their wins to reflect on how much they have accomplished despite difficult circumstances.

Life is precious, live in peace with everyone and don’t take anything for granted & always look for the silver lining in all things regardless of the situation!

What did you learn to appreciate more than ever in 2020?

My freedom, even though we were all trapped in our homes it was the first time in probably forever that I felt free from social restraints. Just being who I was, no make-up, bare foot and sweat pants. I loved spending the time with my family and just being.

Time together as a family


The ability to move around freely whether it be simply going for a walk, run or hike and not be restricted to doing so within a certain time frame or radius. And I appreciate my daily face to face interaction with people so much more.

A stable wi-fi connection!

What did you grow to dislike more than ever in 2020?

Can I rather not say, may cause some issues 😊

Transacting in a virtual world.

Masks that pull my ears!

The mute button.

What excites you about 2021?

Lockdown has given the 4th Industrial revolution a real kickstart, so I think many businesses are changing their strategy and moving more towards digitization and innovation.

It can only be better, new opportunities will arise, we have learned from 2020, take it into 2021.

Seeing family, friends, colleagues and clients in person.

Building momentum after we’ve found our feet from the setbacks of 2020. Once the dust has settled and everyone has adapted, there is a firm foundation to build more efficient businesses that can scale faster in an online world.

So dear reader, may you find encouragement and uplifting in these words, and may the thoughts, dreams and power that words do ultimately carry, bring light and hope into the last bit of your 2020 and all of future to come.

On Yourrrrr Marks..... Get set ....... !

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