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The Grudge Purchase or Noble Purpose

By U35's & Events Lead Robyn Petersen

The U35's recently had the privilege of virtually engaging with one of the seasoned professionals in our industry, Simon Coleman, SHA Managing Executive Digital and Financial Lines.

Simon presented on the Perception of Insurance, Facts about our industry and Where we went wrong. Valuable insights were given as to what our Noble Purpose is in this industry and that the future depends on what we do today.

This online session also comprised of a Q&A session where our young members had the opportunity to “pick” Simon’s brain. This resulted in a few very interesting points of discussion. Everything from Cyber-cover and incidents during the pandemic to gender disproportionality. Stories were shared of lessons learnt, past failures and successes as well as mentalist downtime activities and even some actual bending of spoons!

As usual, there were cash prize giveaways and a new membership giveaway. It was an insightful evening and definitely one to remember.

Feedback from our members:

“Thank you for yesterday’s session, it was really informative.”

“Thank you for arranging this event – time well spent.”

Upcoming events:

Online Nibble and Network Session: 29 October 2020

Host: Discovery Insure

Guest Speaker: Janine Starkey, Image Consultant

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