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So here we are

IIWC President Liza Morris

Who would have thought that I would be sitting at a desk in my bedroom, on a working day, putting together these initial words of our new newsletter – not me – I can promise you that.

What change we have seen in but a couple of months and what resilience has been shown in these unprecedented times.

The IIWC council has also had to change it up and quickly, so that we could continue adding value to you our members – so here we are - welcome to the virtual land.

Even though we have been thrown a curve that we never ever imagined – the team and I have been busy and I am really excited with what we have been up to:

· Our new updated website

· Edu webinars

· Edu classroom webinars

· Quizzes for a good cause

· Covid 19 Charity Challenge

· Yoga sessions

· U35's nibble and network

I hope you enjoy our new offerings and, as always, we would welcome any input/ feedback from you (

I look forward to seeing you online 😊

Take care and stay healthy #Together

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