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By Monique Walker-Randall - Financial Advisor, Discovery Insure

A brief update on our coming events for 2020

Lockdown has changed so many things in our industry and in the way we work, we have all in some way or another merged all our rolls and we are making the wheels turn as a team.

On the events sided due to the enforceable future we are still looking into what the plans are in and around the Gala dinner and we should have some more feedback for our members shortly.

On an exciting note we have an Online auction coming up…! There will be some amazing items to bid on and some cool prizes to be won as well.

By this time of the year most of our monies that we have committed to our chosen charities for the year has already been raised, we appeal to everyone strongly to dig deep so we may go our our commitment to them.

Please see and support our COVID-19 Challenge that we have created to enable everyone to support this .

Only by all of us working together can we create a difference!

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