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Education: Group Personal Accident / Cyber in the SME Sector

The June Edu Webinar was sponsored and presented by Santam and SHA. The Webinar was very well received with bookings for the online event really ‘flying off the virtual shelf! The IIWC Webinar hosted more than 200 delegates for the event.

The session was kicked off with a warm welcome by SHA Head: Western Cape, Philip Spies, who went on to introduce the first speaker, SHA Business Head: Accident & Health / Motor Fleet Solutions, Dave Honeyman. Dave’s presentation on Accident & Health Short Term Employee Benefits ranged from an informative explanation of the cover provided to a discussion on the actual potential uninsured risk, as well as some very revealing statistics around the impact of COVID on the workplace and the realities around COID (Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases). This was truly educational and certainly expanded everyone’s knowledge and understanding of GPA.

After a short break, the next speaker, who really requires very little introduction, was introduced by Mr. Spies: Simon Colman, SHA Business Head: Digital and Financial Lines. Simon presented on Cyber Risk, particularly in the SME space and gave some perspective with a few recent news articles demonstrating how South Africans are impacted by Cyber Crimes such as data hacks as well as how heavily individuals are often impacted by such crimes. Some sobering statistics on the various attacks across various sectors were provided, demonstrating the reality of the crime and the need for managing these risks. Simon touched on the fact that not only are businesses the targets of hackers, but also individuals, asking the question: “Have your details been pawned?” He reminded the delegates of the importance of strong password protection and kindly invited us to visit or scan the QR code below to confirm if our personal details have been compromised.

Other information shared ranged from Understanding Cyber Insurance, Underwriting challenges faced, to Customer Challenges and the importance of aligning cover with exposure, keeping in mind the High Risk Impact of Post Loss Underwriting.

Both presenters did such a stellar job of informing and educating. We are sure each and every delegate walked away with a clearer concept and understanding of some of the unique challenges and opportunities that lie within the GPA and Cyber environment.

It is highly recommended for anyone to make sure they attend the next Edu Webinar, taking place on 6 July 2022 as it will certainly be of as high a standard and as enlightening as this one turned out to be… no surprise there!

Thank you again to Santam and SHA for a glorious Edu Webinar!

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