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Education: Engineering, back to basics.

On the 4th of May 2022 the Bryte Insurance Company sponsored “Engineering, back to basics”. The classroom event took place with just over 40 members attending the virtual session.

The presenter on the day was David Chow, Regional Manager: Engineering (Coastal) at Bryte Insurance.

David did an exceptional job of helping delegates gain a better basic understanding of Engineering Lines as well as some of the various areas to carefully consider when it comes to this specialist line of insurance. Amongst other things, types of construction risks were better explained with Contract Works vs. Erection All Risks were covered and the importance of Contract Works: Limit of Contract Value / Contract Limit emphasized.

The virtual Classroom Session allowed delegates to ask questions, make comments and engage with the presenter in-depth, enhancing the learning experience.

David also made such excellent use of examples and videos to illustrate the points that he was bringing across - images of huge cranes toppling over or heavy bulldozers rolling down steep mountains filled the screens and served to bring home amongst other things the importance of safety on site and the myriad of things that can go wrong on-site and of course, why Engineering Insurance is so vital.

Everyone walked away with a better overall view and a clear understanding of the Engineering insurance lines. Our sincere thanks go out to David and Bryte Insurance Company for their presence and support at this very successful IIWC Classroom session!

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