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Continuous Professional Development

The Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Cycle runs from 01 June to 31 May every year as set out in the Financial Advisory and Intermediary Services Act, 2002 (Act No. 37 of 2002) [FAIS Act (BN 194 of 2017)]

As a Representative or Key Individual in the Short-Term Insurance Industry, you are required to obtain the following CPD Points within a Cycle (June – May):

Anyone with a single subclass of any class of business will need to complete at least 6 CPD hours per CPD cycle;

Anyone with more than one sub-class of any single Class of Business will need to complete at least 12 CPD hours per CPD cycle;

Anyone with more than one Class of Business will need to complete at least 18 CPD hours per CPD cycle;

The CPD Points required for new members joining the Short-Term Insurance Industry between January and May will be pro-rated.

We have compiled a list of institutions where you can obtain your CPD Points and be fully FAIS compliant by the end of the cycle.

Become a Member of the IIWC and take advantage of the Edu-Webinars (free for members) that is presented by industry experts on current and relevant topics. You can earn up to 18 CPD points when attending the Webinars and 15 CPD Points at the Classroom Sessions that are hosted at a venue in line with COVID Regulations.

As a member of the IISA, you receive discounted prices for the Webinars hosted by the IISA with industry leader facilitators. You can get your CPD Certificate by logging into your LearnOn Account.

FIA offers free online CPD Points to its members in association with AC Development. The online platform offers webinars, events, and CPD Content.

FANews publish their magazine every second month. You can register and earn up to 3 CPD Hours per edition by completing the questionnaire relating to the articles. What’s more? You have up to 2 attempts per questionnaire, it is absolutely free and you can do it on Whatsapp – what?!

Subscribe as a member of Cover Magazine and earn your CPD Points through LearnOn . All you have to do is read the monthly magazine and complete the CPD Questionnaire. Cover Magazine also offers monthly training sessions online where industry experts cover relevant and interesting topics. You can join the webinars at a nominal fee per webinar (once-off).

You can apply for one of Milpark’s Short Courses in Short Term Insurance to get all your CPD requirements in one place which are FAIS Accredited and approved by the Financial Planning Institute of South Africa.

Moonstone Business School of Excellence is a recognised CPD provider and offers various programs, including online courses, events as well as publications to assist FSPs, key individuals, and representatives in gaining the required 18 CPD hours. You are spoilt for choice as they boast over 100 Online Courses that you can purchase once-off individually or you can access all the courses by subscribing to their CPD Packages.

Masthead offers a CPD Package Deal that can be paid upfront or monthly. The CPD Package gives you access to unlimited online CPD training that offers a range of industry topics that are relevant and convenient. With over 150 learning activities you will easily obtain your required CPD points for the cycle.

GIFS offers an interactive platform that allows you to get your IISA accredited CPD Points. More than 13 500 professionals are already benefiting from the easy online format offering a wide range of finance and insurance topics.


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