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The second RISE Mentorship Program was launched on 09th February 2022. The program was again well received and has grown from 9 Mentees/Mentors in 2021 to 15 Mentees/Mentors 2022!

This program is an opportunity for Mentors to share their knowledge and experience with their Mentees, enabling them with confidence and providing an opportunity to network and engage with like-minded people to enhance their careers.

The 2022 RISE Mentorship calendar was packed with events to engage, enable and empower the Mentees. Various wellness events, hikes, and a well-attended Digital Day were hosted where the Mentees had the opportunity to get some insight on presenting themselves on the various Social Media Platforms, updating their LinkedIn account and having their headshots taken by a professional photographer.

RISE stands for Redefining Individual Skills & Education and that is exactly what our partners, Linda and Jenna from Linda Coetzee & Associates, do. We would like to take this opportunity to thank their team, our members and valued Sponsors for growing the success of this program.

We encourage our members to participate in the 2023 RISE Program and invite you to read what some of our Mentees and Mentors had to say. Please keep an eye on correspondence to join as a Mentee or Mentor in 2023!

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