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What does it mean to you to Be Well and Thrive?

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

By Robyn Petersen | Business Development Manager - Western Cape, Discovery Insure: Distribution

The above question was posed to our U35 members leading up to our online event which was sponsored by Santam. There were various responses received but the winning response was from Melldrick Smith (Discovery Insure):

“To Be Well & Thrive to me means to be able to be in good health mentally and physically. To thrive for me would be to still be in a position to self-develop but more importantly, be able to give back what you have learnt and guide, especially youth.”

This virtual event comprised of two guest speakers who shared their insights and tips with regards to Coping with COVID as well as what we need to do to take care of our mental well-being and thrive.

Melissa De Klerk, Social Worker, discussed the impact of the current “Coronacoaster” which we have been experiencing and pointed out the importance of checking in with ourselves and with others, setting boundaries while working from home and building ourselves up through positive daily affirmations.

Gerald Van Wyk, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Santam, shared valuable tools and tips to attaining WELLTH, stepping out of your comfort zone and becoming purpose driven. He also shared some childhood memories (and pics) as well as stories from his past, which molded him to thrive and succeed.

Our “Bring a Buddy” initiative also saw one lucky person walk away with a free membership for the balance of this year and the person who “brought” them along received a cash prize for their efforts.

Event Feedback from our Attendees:

“First and foremost a huge thanks for organising and hosting such a vital and crucial session.”

“It was very insightful session. Thank you for arranging.”

“Thank you for arranging an amazing slot last night, well done!”

What’s Up Next?!

August Social Online Pop-Up Event: 27th August @ 4 pm

- Q&A with Simon Coleman, Sponsored by SHA

- Cash prizes up for grabs as well as one free membership!

- Submit your questions to

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