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U35's Lead Robyn Petersen

We’ve recently had our second Online Social Pop-Up session with the U35's.

It was an amazing session where we discussed Lockdown Life (The new normal) and the way forward in our roles and the workplace for Level 3. The general consensus from everyone was that they were happy to remain working from home as they did not feel ready to come into contact with others who may possibly be carrying the virus.

For everyone, the main objective remains to keep their families safe and healthy. There were some parents on the call as well, some with mixed feelings regarding their children returning to school. Some feel their kids should in fact get back to school, as the social interaction is much needed and parents don’t feel equipped to home school their kids. Others felt happy to home school or mentioned their plans to actually love their kids to a school where they are solely working on an e-learning platform and all teaching is online.

Some of the attendees spoke of situations where a third of their company's workforce was back in the office, only for reality to strike whereby they were sent back home as there was a positive COVID-19 case and their workspace needed to be deep-cleaned and decontaminated.

The “new normal” is now becoming “something of the norm” to most and the U35's are simply adapting the way in which they are working in order to remain productive.

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