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Company and Role:

Bryte – Business Development Manager (BDM)

How did you start in the industry?

I joined SA Eagle in September 1984, by accident (excuse the pun)! I was looking to become a computer programmer. SA Eagle were computerizing back then and somehow the Employment Agency linked me into the interview, it was successful and I started my career in insurance with SA Eagle – It’s been a long road since that early start.

Tell us one story from your career. It could be a claim you were proud of, a strange request for cover or a story highlighting your belief in the industry: A client of mine had a warehouse fire. I saw the smoke on the horizon and got a call from the broker almost immediately. I then rushed to the risk situation to find my client’s business well into the most intense part of the fire and managed to get past the firemen to see the extent of the potential damage. It was a total loss! When I got back to the office I was smelling like a spit roast. Fortunately, this was not a regular situation in my career. Thank goodness – one’s life almost flashes before your eyes during these scenarios

Hobbies, people and pets you love:

Computer Games (real-time strategy), I also have two kittens – they are like children on sooo many levels.

Moto/quote you live by:

If you do what you have always done then you will get what you always got!

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