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M.I.N.D. is coming...

IIWC sat with Milpark’s Marisa Grundling to ask her all about a special Insurance Day coming up.

[IIWC] This year marks the second year of M.I.N.D. What does M.I.N.D. stand for and

how did it all start?

[MG] MIND stands for Milpark Insurance Nerd Day. It is in honour of the international

Insurance Nerd Day that is on the 18th of July each year.

[IIWC] Who can join M.I.N.D.?

[MG] That is actually quite a funny story, the short answer – I am a little crazy J. I was

busy working on our marketing for the year and came across this day on and thought how would be best to celebrate “insurance

nerds” like me and how to show the “world” that as insurance nerds we can also

be fun.

Anyone in the insurance industry can join MIND. Entrants and experts are

welcome as it is not merely about winning (but who doesn’t love that), but to

come together and have the most exciting CPD around.

As always the infamous T&C’s that exclude people working for Milpark or if you

are under 18 years

[IIWC] Who was crowned the 2021 Milpark Insurance Nerd?

[MG] Our first MIND winner was a wonderful lady from Botswana, Faith Makopola.

[IIWC] What, other than epic bragging rights, can the winners expect?

[MG] As if bragging rights is not enough – the IIWC can get the exclusive – we will again have some epic prices that include a trophy, a CII voucher, free online access to the IISA conference, CPD’s for a year and a Milpark Voucher… so

far… ;-)

For more information, please keep an eye on Milpark’s social media pages, and to register for this extravaganza you can visit:

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