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Education: Introduction to Commercial Insurance

The first in-person IIWC Classroom Session since 2019 took place on the 15th of June, very kindly sponsored by Succession Financial Planning and facilitated by the very brilliant Kurt Stanley. The Topic, An Introduction to Commercial Insurance, was informative and relevant to the current Insurance climate.

Eager participants from various sections of the short-term insurance industry arrived at the stylish offices of Succession Financial Planning at the Vineyards Office Estate, ready and very eager to learn.

As per usual, the restricted number of participants enabled a more intimate learning experience, enabling effective interaction between the presenter and delegates and once the initial shyness and nervousness settled, it was a very interactive session indeed!

Kurt managed expectations very well from the start, explaining the aim and agenda of the course and then moving on to the basic framework of a typical commercial insurance policy. The individual sections were then dealt with, from the Fire classes to Accident and Crime sections into Motor, etc. He was conscientious not to move too fast and made sure that the relevance and application of what was being discussed were well grasped by all.

Everyone walked away with a better understanding of commercial insurance and very possibly more confidence and a foundation to take on more in-depth training programs in the future.

It is highly recommended that the next in-person IIWC Classroom be considered, as the topic will be An Introduction to Agri for those who wish to explore the opportunities within that, slightly more specialised market!

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