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by: Doreen Zuweni-Manjoro

The Cyber Insurance Classroom event held on the 4th of August and sponsored by Bryte Insurance, was well attended with over 40 members.

The Panel of Presenters included Laura Kemps from Cyberscout, Ryan Bothomley and Mac Burrill from Cybersafe and Sarel Lamprecht from Phishield.

Delving into the Complexity of Cyber Insurance and how it can be addressed, the value of Cyber Security in the value chain as well as the role of First responders, the presenters managed to bring a holistic overview of Cyberisk and how it can be best managed and mitigated.

Offering an interactive classroom feel albeit virtually, there was an opportunity for members to share their own knowledge and engage with the Presenters in-depth, in order to grasp the concepts and have a better understanding of the content.

The cybercrime statistics and simple-to-understand explanation of the risks involved provided members with a good understanding of the global problem and effective ways to manage it.


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