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Education Webinar: The Effects of Covid on the Trade Credit,

Guarantee & Hospitality Sectors + Cyber Exposures within the Hospitality sector

The IIWC Webinar that took place on the 14th of July, graciously sponsored by Lombard Insurance Company Limited was well attended with attendance in excess of 150 delegates.

The multiple topics covered included “Hospitality, The effects of COVID and the way forward”, “Cyber exposures within Hospitality sector and the rise of Cyber threats while navigating a pandemic”, “Trade Credit, the industry pre and post COVID” and lastly “An Overview of Guarantee business and effects of COVID”.

Every attendee certainly walked away with a clearer understanding of how drastically the Hospitality industry has been impacted by Covid and is being affected by Cyber matters. The expert guidance given on Trade Credit and Guarantee business, plus the effects of Covid in these types of business, was very well received.

A truly wonderful session thanks to the excellent speakers and generous sponsors, Lombard Insurance.

For anyone that wasn’t there- don’t miss the next one!

~ Nico Venter

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