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2022 IIWC Golf Day

Our Annual Golf Day hosted on the 18th March 2022 was a huge success. A Total of 21 Four Balls participated on the Westlake Golf Course where the sun always shines!

The Origin Team took first place with Tri-Marine and Richard Arends coming in second and third place respectively.

The fan favourite stands were Dry Force and JBS. Dryforce, who offered their usual fun atmosphere and ample laughs and JBS, who created a sophisticated and tranquil setting where you could relax and catch your breath before moving along.

Never before have we given a prize for two best stands, but these two sponsors always go above and beyond. A Trophy will be delivered to these two sponsors shortly.

The Lucky Raffle Winners walked away with a Webber, Air fryer, golf hamper and ear pods!

We thank our Sponsors - Genasys, Discovery, CIB, Hollard, Dryforce, One, Bryte, King Price, Diamond Jewellers, JBS, as well as all the four balls who participated - who made this day possible!


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