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Events Team Members Monique Walker Randal & Mitchell Cousins

It is so exciting to be part of the "Out of the Box" team during these difficult times. Just because the landscape has changed it doesn't mean we can’t still take pictures. We would love to provide our members with face to face events, but seeing as though we're unable to do so right now, it doesn’t mean that we can't meet virtually. We're really thinking about opportunities to meet that aren't just insurance related but also online experiences that our members can enjoy participating in with friends or as a family unit at home.

Bonding over something as simple as a delicious meal prepared with a wine tasting or a selection of your favourite coffees. We're looking at inviting members to join us on a cooking adventure that helps one explore the tastes and flavours of the world. Some other options we're exploring are:

  • alcohol tastings,

  • chocolate tastings,

  • quizzes,

  • online auctions and

  • many more exciting things.

So watch this space!

Our focus has always been insurance, but we are also 100% invested in our members and sponsors and giving them the best experience possible. We are excited about the fact that we're still able to connect with our members and help our charities.

This is a new and exciting challenge for us and like everything we do, it is going to be


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