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The IIWC Covid 19 challenge

We are really excited to launch our IIWC Covid 19 Charity Challenge as it epitomizes our #Together theme for 2020.

One if the IIWC’s core pillars is that of Giving – we have a heartful history of giving back to our community by way of supporting our nominated charities. The 2020 pandemic lockdown has put immense stress on the poor communities of our country as well as our charities; food being the most critical call coming through with urgency.

In 2019 the IIWC was able to raise in excess of R350 000 with events like our golf day, our charity auction and the passion and commitment of you, our members. Now in 2020 we face an even bigger need and challenge with the current environment and the huge change in how we do things and so the IIWC Covid 19 Charity Challenge was born. Our challenge is set to run for 6 months as we have our hearts set on raising R500 000 with the help of you our members and the entire insurance community.

With all things done within the IIWC, they are done #Together and so we would be found lacking if we did not share with you some background on the designers, who created the beautiful artworks that will be used during the entire course of the challenge.

Bryte Insurance Company stepped up and not only sponsored the graphic artworks that will be used through the course of our drive but also availed their marketing department to assist us with the creative process. Nicholas Francis and the Bryte Marketing team need to be mentioned as their ongoing support is truly valued.

We worked with a majority black-owned creative agency, Suketchi, as crafted experiences are at the core of their values and making brands human is what they do. The main designer of our beautiful pieces is David Tshabalala, creative director and co-founder of Suketchi. I am sure you have seen some of David’s award-winning, self-initiated, conceptual and crafted digital content on Linkedin, as his passion shines through in the work he does for his clients.

Sarah-Jane Boden, co-founder and chief creative officer of Suketchi also had input as she is passionate about excellence in design and the potential it has to impact businesses, experiences and most importantly, lives.

Last but not least Simone Uys, Project assistant at Suketchi, kept us all in-check and happy with the outcome.

We are so happy with the outcome of the designs that we now own them and they too will be used to raise money during our drive – so watch this space.

The only thing left to be said is; “Let the IIWC Covid 19 Charity Challenge begin”, #Together.

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