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Rise 2022: Review Session

The first RISE in-person review session for 2022 was held on the 24th May 2022 and was a great success! The mentors and mentees were hosted at the beautiful Park Inn, Foreshore for three hours of sharing and learning.

Jenna and Linda kicked off the session by sharing the highlights of the many journeys so far and these journeys are rich! Vision boards, volunteering, webinars, new studies, hiking, attending industry events, designing new workshops, networking, courageous conversations, presentations, and much, much more.

Then some nominated mentors and mentees shared their perspectives of the program so far which prompted many others to share their "unprepared" feedback. Lots of lovely feedback and sharing.

Linda then hosted an IIWC quiz session which erupted into loads of fun and ended with a deserving mentee winning champagne and chocolates. Two pairs won "selfie" prizes - sports massage vouchers and yoga mats.

Finally, everyone was divided into random groups of six and given a card from a box that focuses on resilience, and asked to debate the topic on their card, and share their ideas and wisdom. This was undoubtedly the pathway to vulnerability and open, honest communication. It was absolutely brilliant, and we are sure to see similar activities in the next session.

Finally, some fun group photos, lots of hugs and goodbyes to end the session.

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